Community Sports Teams Promotion!

2019 Sports Team Promotion

Our associate broker, Liz Clark is offering an amazing promotion throughout 2019. Details Below!

  • Buy, sell, or refer a client to Liz Clark in 2019
  • Up to 4% of her net commission will be donated to your player, team, and/or league! ***
  • You can use the funds for the next season's dues and fees. Whatever is left over will be donated to your team (if competitive or if school-related) or will be donated to your league!
  • Perfect for Storm, RBVLL, VNLL, or RBV teams!
  • Not limited to the teams above, anyone can take advantage of this great offer!
***Terms, Exclusions, and Conditions:
  1. Only one party may redeem the promotion per transaction.
  2. The sale must close. The promotion will not be honored if the sale falls through.
  3. It cannot be based on a discounted commission.
  4. The sale must close by 12/31/2019. However, credits may be applied for the following season.
  5. Money to the player will cover their next season's fees and the leftover will be donated to the league and/or team (if competitive).
  6. Subject to league participation and approval.
  7. If the league does not participate, the party taking advantage of the promotion will receive a Visa gift card up to $200 max.
  8. A portion of the commission will be limited to 4% of the net commission received by Liz Clark, not to exceed $500.
  9. Only one promotion redemption allowable per year, by any one party.
  10. Promotion does not constitute a binding contract and can be canceled by the agent at any time.